Jodi West – How My Hotwife Gives A Tip
My wife, Jodi West & I have been talking about swinging for a little while now. We’ve always been a little nervous to pull the trigger, but she has never stopped talking about getting dicked by another man. When Jodi comes back from grocery shopping, she wants to talk to me. She brings up our unfinished plans and tells me she found someone. The bagger at the grocery store!? I guess… This young guy Johnny The Kid appears nervously through the door. My wife starts putting his hands on her boobs, coercing an anxious Johnny who is looking at me with terror. Johnny seems excited & overwhelmed with my wife’s big tits. She’s equally impressed with this young stud’s big cock. My wife sits on his cock and slams her juicy ass down it, making her pussy super wet. Johnny takes her from behind, stretching her tight pussy out while holding on to her massive tits. He fucks her in missionary, Jodi’s tight shaved pussy grips Johnny’s dick until he can’t take it anymore, pulls out and comes all over my eager hot wife.
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