Rachael Cavalli asks her stepdaughter Violet Starr how things are going with her boyfriend, Juan Loco. Violet says her relationship with Juan is going fine, but then Rachael specifies that she’s talking about their sex life, and asks what Juan’s cock is like. Violet is shocked at the naughty question, but Rachael says that Violet should be grateful to have a stepmom who cares about her happiness. Violet says that Juan does indeed have a nice cock, and that he’s coming over later today, so maybe Violet will tell Rachael all about it later.Later that day, as Violet and Juan start to get frisky in bed, Violet tells Juan about how her stepmom was asking about his cock. She playfully asks him if the thought of Rachael watching them fuck turns him on, and he admits that the idea is pretty hot. Violet sucks on Juan’s cock, then takes off her shirt to show off her beautiful breasts before continuing the blowjob. As Violet continues to eagerly suck on his cock, Rachael begins to secretly watch them, touching herself as she does so.Juan eventually notices Rachael and grins, telling Violet that her stepmom really is watching them. Violet is surprised, but Rachael tells them to just carry on. Once Violet recovers from her surprise, she happily goes back to giving Juan a blowjob and then letting him pound his cock into her pussy, all while Rachael enjoys the view!
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